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Atalla Plastic Surgery | Skin + Laser in Bowling Green, KY can help you lift, contour and smooth in a single Profound treatment!


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Elastin helps tissue “snap back” into shape when it is stretched, allowing skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched.


THE BAD NEWS: Elastin production stops as we age contributing to sagging skin.


THE GREAT NEWS: Profound is the ONLY RF injectable energy treatment that stimulates and triggers the creation of new elastin! 


The 'rubber band' of the human body that helps tissue 'snap back' into shape when it is stretched.

A single Profound treatment creates up to 5x the elastin for suppleness and flexibility.

Provides strength to the skin. 

Profound creates up to 2x the collagen for structure.

A naturally occuring substance in the skin - helps to keep skin hydrated.

Profound creates hyaluronic acid for moisture.


Isn't it time that you bring the snap back to aging skin?


Up to 5x the elastin, up to 2x the collagen and increased hyaluronic acid is a reality with the Profound® treatment.

With the Profound® system, the ability for your skin to snap back into place will actually improve with retraction time of skin responding faster.


In fact, studies show that a single, Profound treatment yields results that are 37% of a surgical facelift.1

1. Hantash BM, Ubeid AA, Chang H, Kafi R, Renton B. Bipolar fractional radiofrequency treatment induces neoelastogenesis and neocollagenesis. Lasers Surg Med. 2009;41(1):1-9.

Why Atalla Plastic Surgery | Skin + Laser
Studies have proven that cosmetic procedures can enhance more than the physical; they bring emotional benefits, too. Patients walk away feeling better about their treated area, which only enhances how they feel about themselves.
Profound lift will encourage the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid which are all building blocks for youthful skin. We have successfully contoured sagging jowls, reduced double chins, smoothed cellulite and improved problem areas such as the arms, abdomen, and legs.
Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Victor Atalla, will be glad to discuss your desired goals, and plan the best course of action.
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